Variety is the Spice of Life - Add Some Spice to Yours!

Variety is the Spice of Life - Add Some Spice to Yours!

About You

agence de rencontre herpes recherche femme par nom de jeune fille You are: not quite an empty nester yet.  Your kids still need you but they need less of you.  More and more often you hear things like “I’ll have dinner at my friend’s house”, “I want to go to a robotic club on Friday evening”, “I am going to see a movie on Saturday afternoon.” 

go to site Great, more time for you – you have been looking forward to this for some time.  Only now, that it happens, it isn’t all it was supposed to be.  “Okay, go, have fun” you say and think “but we always played ball on Saturday afternoon” or “I thought Friday evening was family movie night”. They are growing up and leaving a void.  And you know the void will only get bigger as they get older.

youtube femme cherche femme You are now the parent of an independent fledgling.  

obligazionibinarie The empty nest is in sight and now is the time to start filling that void with new activities and hobbies, developing new interests.  Now is the time to start creating a exiting, interesting life for yourself.

site de rencontre gratuit p tastyli\\\\ You are: successful in your job, proud of your accomplishments, and enjoy what you do.  But over the last years your priorities have changed:  your goal in life is no longer to get your boss’s job, and then her boss’s.  

site de rencontres nrj That leaves you with time that you previously spent on working long hours and energy that went into thinking about work issues every minute of every waking hour.  Time and energy that you can use for something else.

Welcome, you are now part of the growing “Work isn’t Everything” generation.

paxil 10mg Now is the time to spend your considerable energy, talent and dedication on new activities.  Now is the time to mix things up, to develop a new passion, and to share it.

About Us

aciclovir tablets 200mg buy We are: just like you.
We find ourselves puzzled by what happened to our little kids who –  just yesterday – couldn’t tie their shoes and now are off exploring the world with their buddies to return in the evening ready for dinner, help with the math homework and some TLC.

b fluvoxamine 50 mg We wonder why we once thought that working is all there is to our lives and all there will ever be.  And why that thought made us happy or at least content.

We realize that there are so many things out there we could or should do:  interesting things, exciting things, small things, big things and even mundane things that never quite made it to the “must do” section of our to do list.

We are old enough to know our limitations but young enough to embrace change, new challenges, in short: a more varied life.  

We are not about taking big, life changing steps, not about grand dreams and ambitions that easily get lost in the daily routine of work, family, responsibilities and duties.  We are about making small and meaningful changes to our lives.  About achievable, sustainable and fulfilling changes.  About dreaming aspirin direkt billig and doing.  If that means dreaming smaller and doing it we are all for it.  We believe that it is better to dream smaller and do it than to dream grand and not do it.

We are not about showing off and boosting about all the cool stuff we have done or own.  We are embracing the happiness variety brings to our lives, whatever form that variety takes for each of us.  There is no bigger, better, faster, stronger here.

We are about trying out new things, fighting inertia and helping each other to keep exploring, daring, discovering and inspiring.


1ere rencontres We can do this.  Together we can bring more variety and excitement into to our lives.  We can be great parents, employees, spouses, friends and children and still retain a sense of adventure and wonder, delight in the new experiences that we can make in the course of our daily lives and create for ourselves the foundation of a fulfilling, active and exciting life for very many years to come.