• Baking

    Rekindling a Passion for Baking

    rencontres guitare antony Catherine Wong loved baking ever since high school.  In college she was the go-to-girl for all things sweet and yummy but when it came to choosing a career baking had to take a step back.  Catherine staid with the food theme, though, and became a food scientist.  For years she created sauces: developed new ideas for […]

  • Handmade Items

    From Graphic Design to Selling Handmade Items

    enter Patti always had a talent for and interest in design and spent most of her professional life as a graphic designer for a number of companies and organizations.  From an early age on, she was also a avid sewist and two years ago she took the plunge and combined her passions and talents and started designing and […]

  • Reading Partners

    Reading Partners: Helping Kids to Become Proud, Confident Readers

    go site When Vivian was asked by a friend to help out with the Reading Partners program when a number of tutors suddenly departed she and her husband said yes. Little did they know that they would still be reading Partners five years later, driving to an elementary school once a week to work with kids who have fallen […]

  • chimpanzees

    Saving Orphaned Baby Gorillas and Chimpanzees in Cameroon

    http://creatingsparks.com.gridhosted.co.uk/?endonezit=binary-options-excel-spreadsheet Had I looked for the perfect story to illustrate the mission of A Varied Life I would need to look no further than the story of Susan Lutter. A marketing professional she stopped working for money at the age of 50 and began, what she calls to “work from the heart”.  Her heart took her […]

  • Laos

    Sometimes Small Change Isn’t Enough: Teaching in Laos

    click here Normally I bring you stories of people who added something new to their daily lives,  The mission of A Varied Life is to inspire people to add variety and not to change their entire lives around. However, sometimes a small change just isn’t enough and so – occasionally – I will bring you the story of […]

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